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I am Darren Lau.

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Darren Lau is born and raised in Malaysia. He believes his passion for filmmaking is strongly influenced by his cinephile dad who owned a home cinema and a huge collection of film DVDs. When at a young age, Darren loved spending time with his dad in the home cinema, films such as "ChungKing Express", "Infernal Affairs" and "Taxi Driver" have been played repeatedly in his childhood ( "Secret" is his favourite film at all time).  As a child, that sparked his interest in storytelling and fascinated him with how well the stories could relay to people of all ages. That was why he decided to leave the comfort of his home to pursue filmmaking in Perth, Western Australia.

He chose cinematography as his platform for storytelling because he believes cinematography is a bridge to lead audience walks into the story land; a tool to connect the audience to the character and see the story.

Darren has shot various kind of projects, such as short film, TV commercial, documentary and music video. WA Screen Academy recognises his cinematography work on "Drafted" and giving him the award of Excellence in Cinematography on the WASA 2021 Award & Gala Night. Darren wants to explore more in documentary because he believes shooting documentary is a way to practice his observation and sensibility in cinematography, in order to train up his skills for shooting more feature films in the future.

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